I love my brides (and the grooms too!). You can often catch me on Instagram, gushing over sparkling wedding dresses or rose gold rings.

Everything about weddings makes me smile — from the marriage itself to the adorable clients I get to work with. I love being a wedding photographer, and let me tell you, we’d have the best time together!

My passion for photography started more than 15 years ago while working for Kodak and Picture People companies. It was there that I learned about post production, everything from soothing out splotchy skin, adding extra sparkle to detail items, editing out shadows and more. These skills and my ever-continuous education make your wedding photos glow. As I’m editing, I get to relive your special day all over again and it can make me emotional.

Meet Gricelda

How it all began..

- Gricelda

I’m always over the moon for my clients! What can I say? I love your love!

Little Things About Me

I love my family —without them, I'm nothing. They are the engine that keeps me running. They are everything to me and I'm blessed to have them in my life. I'm passionate about them and love them to pieces.

Singing and dancing is one of my favorite things to do in the whole entire world! I’ve served in my church choir and when the mood calls for it, I’ll turn up the music at home and sing from the top of my lungs. I certainly can’t compete with the opera singer who lives next door, but it does, however, take away any stress I may have. It’s seriously the best medicine!

I love home decor. I pretend to be a home designer and love visiting new model homes for ideas.

I love home decor. I pretend to be a home designer and enjoy visiting new model homes for some cute ideas.

I was born in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. This is the state where the Mariachi and Tequila comes from! Wanna have your Mexico wedding? I got you covered!

I believe in making the right decision each time I’m faced with a tough moment.

I’m committed to providing high-quality services and products to you, delivering images in a timely manner.

I combine your personal story with professional photography to create beautiful images that will last for generations.

This is one of the most important values for my business. You need to trust and depend on your photographer to exceed and deliver expectations. 

I care a lot about respect. I believe that if we respect one another, we will see beautiful results.




Dependability & Trust


The Values that Drive Gricelda’s Photography

If you choose me as your wedding photographer, we’ll be spending many hours together. This is just the start and it’s going to be so much fun!

If you are local to San Antonio, I would totally love to meet you in person at a coffee shop. I’ll grab my favorite mocha latte and I’ll treat you to your favorite too! We’ll discuss your needs and answer all of your painstaking questions.

I'm so ready for you to be my sweet bride. Let's connect and talk all about your wedding plans!
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